Hi, my name is Claire Mundell, I am 25, and I am the owner and creator of Moondial Gypsy. I am currently living in Lawrence, Kansas with my gentleman sir, pup, cat, and four chickens (they live outside). I grew up in Kansas, where I spent a lot of my childhood on my grandparents farm. I ended up studying Horticulture in college and am currently working at a plant nursery. I hope to have my own sustainable farm someday.

I have a love for fantastical, whimsical and magical things, music, plants, light, animals, thunderstorms, crystals, all of nature, wind chimes, feathers, stars, planets, and anything intricate and beautiful. I, also, love my friends and family and having meaningful conversations, nonsensical ones are great, too! I really appreciate classic artwork, craftsmanship, and architecture because of all the time and imagination that is put into making them so detailed and ornate. I try my best to incorporate these ideas into each of the pieces that I create. I have always loved making things, and I have found something that I would like to share with people, so I created my store, Moondial Gypsy.

Most of the items that I create are made with vintage seed beads handed down to me from my Grandmother. Other materials I like to use are found objects, leather, seashells, stones, crystals, and anything beautiful that has a natural feel.

My nearest, biggest, life goal is to buy a RV (caravan, as I like to call them) and travel with my gentleman sir and pup for a few years. I plan to continue selling my creations online, as well as on the road. When we tire of that, I would like to find some land to have a vegetable farm on and live in the RV (caravan), while I build my “Earthship”.


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